New York, USA

Chantal's artworks 'The Void' and 'Obscure Beasts' appear on the latest book of the Political Philosopher Brad Evans 'Ecce Humanitas' printed by Columbia University Press. You can purchase the book in the link.  

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Los Angeles, USA

Chantal creates an abstract bas-relief in marble 'Urizen's stone:2020' for the co-written article 'Art from the future' with the Political Philosopher Brad Evans Published in 'The Philosophical Salon' in its April Edition. 

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Chantal Meza was selected with her piece 'Suspended Traversal' by 'Red GRIS' Paraguay for its 2nd Edition of 'Enajenar en casa ajena'. The Exhibition will be held in 'Spain Cultural Centre Juan de Salazar' (CCEJS)  Asunción, Paraguay. 

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Chantal Meza interviewed in the LA Review of Books. The interview will be printed in the book "Violence an Anthology" with PLUTO PRESS by Brad Evans & Adrian Parr 

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San Francisco, USA

Selected to be part on the 3rd Edition of 'RASTRUMS' Art Project with her exercise video piece "Kairo paused in time". Curated by Sandra Dinnendahl and featuring five more Artists.

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Chantal co-writes the article "Making peace with Violence" with the Political Philosopher Brad Evans on the nY Dutch magazine for literature, criticism & entertainment. They publish 3 issues per year since 2006. The article can be read in its English version on the website. The Dutch printed version can be bought online.

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United Kingdom

The piece 'Visceral Ecologies XVIII' was selected by Ashcroft Arts Centre for the Culture on Call Arts Open Exhibition, as part of the Hampshire Cultural Trust . The Exhibition run from December 2020 to February 2021. 

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United Kingdom

Chantal's 'Obscure Beasts' artworks in the Collective Exhibition: 'Why?' A carefully curated art exhibition featuring the work of 43 artists, brought to you by Cultivate and hosted on the Organ platform 'est. 2012'.

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United Kingdom

Chantal Meza piece "The Void XII" is selected to be part of the 'PENNY THOUGHTS' 39 edition. 

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Chantal Meza and Brad Evans invited by the Centre of Mexican Studies UCC to deliver a workshop about their collaborative project State of Disappearance in the Granary Theatre in Ireland.  

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Toronto, Canada

Chantal Meza, Brad Evans & Henry Giroux delivering a Seminar at McMaster University, Canada. Discussing the meaning of art in our times

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