state of disappearance

Featuring nearly 80 new and original works, this dedicated series of works produced between 2017-2020 addresses the relationship between violence and human disappearance. 

STATE OF DISAPPEARANCE will be published as part of the Outspoken series with McGill-Queens University Press in 2022. Bringing some of the most critically minded thinkers dealing with the question of violence in the world, State of Disappearance will be the very first volume of its kind to deal specifically with the problem of human disappearance from a truly trans-disciplinary perspective. Edited by Professor Brad Evans and accompanied by the artwork of the Mexican abstract painter Chantal Meza, the project will bring attention to the many ways disappearance occurs, and in the process ask about the importance or limits of the arts, humanities and critical enquiry when in comes to responding to the problem of violence in the world today.

The political philosopher Brad Evans & abstract artist Chantal Meza discuss their State of Disappearance project

The State of Disappearance is part of the Histories of Violence project. The full project can be found in here

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