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In 2019 there was a Public Ceremony held at 'Tecali Cultural Centre' to recognise five local Artists for their contribution to Culture in Tecali, Mexico. The Visual Artist Chantal Meza was one of them. 



" For generations my family has lived in this lovely village. My great grandparents, which I had the fortune to know, lived through the Mexican Revolution and the complex changes it brought to our society. Both sides of my family continue to inhabit some of the most important buildings in the Town, including what are said to be the first buildings constructed by the 'Spanish Conquistadors' . They in-fact appear in some of the Old Maps of the construction of the Town. 

We have many hidden treasures in this peculiar Village; a Franciscan Ex-Convent, one of the first 'Corral de Comedias' in the Country, built in 1540,  as well as a 100 year Ex-Hospital (1905). But possibly, most intriguing are indigenous ruins still hidden by the layers of soil and cactuses, waiting to be rediscovered.   

To me, it is the beautiful mysteries of this place that makes me fall in love with it every time I walk its streets and see its wonders. 

My biggest inspiration is, of course, its 'Artisan Stone Culture & Heritage'. My father, a proud Artisan has give me one of the greatest gifts for my art; The inheritance of an ancient and incomparable knowledge, that of 'Being an Artisan' from within. Not to shape life, but the encounter with its giving forms, which flow with the timeless stone and its infinite changing colours."


Franciscan Ex-convent

Former Hospital

Gregorio de Gante Theatre

Chantal's Family workshop: Mezher

Chantal working in her hometown