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"Produced at the age of 19, I created an abstract combination of Sculpture & Painting, This Series, consisted of nine artworks. 90% of its creation involved the direct use of hands, following the artisan tradition. It set me out on a personal journey, in which I found myself embarked in battles fought day and night against oneself - a conflict with one’s body, and their projection back into the social.


Regarding the abstract composition and understanding of the subject, I tried to incorporate within the Human two main ideas: a metamorphosis with the Animalistic and Nature.

Being the first series in collaboration with artisans of my hometown in Mexico, for me it meant an embraced beginning, as well as revealing the umbilical link that connected me to the foundations of my world, only to find out later on, that its lines would be guiding me on a path that would grow beyond my own expectations."

‘CHANGES: Senses-Thoughts’ was an Individual Exhibition held at the Technology and Science Museum, Chiapas, Mexico in 2010. It consisted of artworks in oil, marble & onyx that brought together the artistic sensibility of an Artist and Artisans from the local village Tecali in the state of Puebla, Mexico. 



Chantal Meza back in 2016 in her hometown talking through various projects and influences

Screenshot 2022-05-22 at 19.53.31.png

In 2019 there was a Public Ceremony held at 'Tecali Cultural Centre' to recognise five local Artists for their contribution to Culture in Tecali, Mexico. The Visual Artist Chantal Meza was one of them. 


Chantal was invited by Museo de Arte Popular to create a piece for the Biennale "Artisan among Artists", which she created in collaboration with Tecali's Artisans.

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