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Chantal was invited to take part in the 5th Biennial Arte/Sano ÷ Artistas. The exhibition took place in three prestigious Museums: Popular Art Museum, Arocena Museum and Pape Museum.

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TV Chanel 'Canal Once' on a special report about the 5.0 Biennial 'Arte/sano entre Artistas' along side Walther Boelsterly Director of the 'Museo de Arte Popular' (MAP).

The fifth edition of ARTE / SANO ÷ Artists at the Museum of Popular Art in Mexico City brought together over 100 artists and artisans to showcase their collective creative talents. Overcoming the separation between contemporary artists and those who draw upon traditional artisan techniques, it sought to create a meaningful dialogue between those at the forefront of Mexico's creative art scene and the timelessness of its more traditional practices.

Chantal Meza's contribution titled the Vortex of the Mind represented a unique collaboration between herself and local artisans from the town of Tecali de Herrera, Puebla. Working with local stone, it offered a fusion between her abstract forms of expression and the artisan appreciation for working the stone to draw out its natural beauty and colours.

"What really inspired me to be part of this event was precisely the merging of artistic traditions. I think as a Nation we need to have more appreciation of the creative and expressive importance of the artisans; not simply to appropriate their talents, but to develop new styles for artistic collaboration in the 21st Century. 

Vortex of the Mind represented a unique collaboration between myself and local artisans from Tecali in Puebla, Mexico. Working with local stone, it offered a fusion between my abstract forms of expression and the artisan appreciation for working the stone to draw out its natural beauty and colours."

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Biennial that brings together 108 creators, including Artisans, Visual Artists and Industrial Designers.

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This art exhibition exhibits a mix between the ideas of consolidated national and international artists, in addition to the most characteristic techniques of some regions of our country.

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These creators were organized into 55 work teams to merge their knowledge and give rise to remarkable works where techniques, trades, concepts, colors, textures and scales are mixed.

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An ideal fifth biennial to show the great creative capacity embodied in artisan works that go from the oldest trade, pottery, and applications in crafts, such as ceramics, chandlery, cabinetmaking, natural fibers, lapidary, goldsmithing, featherwork and textiles.

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"Vortex of the mind" by Juan Carlos Ponce Morales and Chantal Meza, is another piece to highlight for the assembly of marble with onyx to achieve sculpture."

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The MAP objects are to shorten the distances and modify the way of collaborating to recover the fruitful work that benefits the artists and artisans of Mexico.


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In 2019 there was a Public Ceremony held at 'Tecali Cultural Centre' to recognise five local Artists for their contribution to Culture in Tecali, Mexico.

The Visual Artist Chantal Meza was one of them. 


Changes: Senses-Thoughts was an Individual Exhibition held at the Technology and Science Museum, Chiapas, Mexico in 2009. It consisted of artworks in oil, marble & onyx that brought together the artistic sensibility of an Artist and Artisans from the local village Tecali in the state of Puebla, Mexico. 


 Chantal was commissioned to create eight Illustrations for the Book

"Tecali through Time"


She has received Private Commissions along the years regarding her hometown

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