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Sandra Dinnendahl


Chantal Meza, Mexico.

Ludmila Centurión, Paraguay.

Carolina Boettner, Argentina.

Valentina Utz, Chile.

María Amparo Gomar, España.

Debora Kirnos, Argentina.

Van Jesus, Brasil.

Chantal was invited by Adriana Gonzalez Brun Director of the organisation 'RASTRUMS' to produce a collective visual exercise through a video format.

Alongside other eight Latin American artists from various disciplines, the video was released on March 8th, 2021 online.

Rastrums. 21 Tale, 3rd. Edition

Video. Visual collective exercise, 2021.


"Collectively 'Time' was decided as our subject for visual engagement. Our subject in time concerned immobility, the incarceration of the body in various fields, from the corporeal to the built environment, onto nature and the screen, along with the resistances to containment so that the body may eventually find liberation within nature.

It reflected our inability to stay still, the necessity of movement and the connection with the exterior.

Through this exercise with artists from different Latin American countries I encountered various mediums each worked with, and we sought to collectively reaffirm our shared cultural and artistic diversity as something to treasure in our societies.


The project further allowed me to explore other forms and find inspiration in different creative mediums."

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