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" When I paint, I don’t feel the weight of my body, but I do sense an energy. Something like being fire, or water or the earth, it builds in my chest and my stomach, it posses my moves and the abstract rumbles in my head. Colour explodes from the abstract and I see shapes unfolding before my eyes. It can be hours and it can be days.


Time certainly passes by, but it is as if it stops in the surface of my creations. I feel outside and within. A projection or a reflection? I am not sure. I know that I paint because I live, and I believe there to be a bond that will only cease to exist when that life is gone.

When I create a painting a never do prior drawings, I just follow my intention. I go directly into the canvas.


I have never reproduced an exact drawing or composition to the canvas, I think it destroys the purpose of abstraction. Being abstract requires a full connection in the moment of its creation, but also a lot of practice and previous knowledge of the subject, so the immediacy of the act doesn’t get interrupted by the inability of one’s own self." 


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