"Art is the poetry of nature. In order to change things for the better we need to believe transformation is possible. Art shows the human in a state of elevation, where its potential rises and spreads through its creations, something as amazing as nature itself".

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Latest News

Chantal Meza interviewed in the LA Review of Books. Coming soon the interview printed in the book "Violence an Anthology" with PLUTO PRESS by Brad Evans & Adrian Parr 

In Progress

The State of Disappearance project in collaboration with Histories of Violence. Featuring Chantal's artwork and some of the most critically minded thinkers to discuss the problem of human denial

Public engagement

Chantal Meza, Brad Evans & Henry Giroux delivering a Seminar at McMaster University, Canada. Discussing the Meaning of art in our times


Through the representation of Maggio Art Consultancy, London, some of Chantal's artwork can be bought in the ARTSY plataform

       Chantal Meza is a self-taught Mexican abstract artist based in the United Kingdom. Her work seeks to challenge our understanding of what Art means in the Third Millennium abstracting the concepts of what we call being human. In a world dominated by science and technology she persists in experimenting with new forms of observation to question the sensorial experience of life through the classical, if not ancient ways of painting and sculpting. By blending these techniques, she has developed something call ‘sculpting paint’ which has guide her in the quest through art to stretch the boundaries of constructed knowledge in our socio-political, scientific and technological domains.

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