"Art is the poetry of nature. In order to change things for the better we need to believe transformation is possible. Art shows the human in a state of elevation, where its potential rises and spreads through its creations, something as amazing as nature itself".

Chantal Meza and Brad Evans delivering a Seminar in Ireland on the Centre for Mexican Studies
Chantal creating her piece 'Genesis'. With the special invitation of 'Guadalupe Museum' Zacatecas, Mexico

Chantal Meza is a self-taught abstract artist. In a world dominated by science and technology, she immerses herself in the abstraction of life, a human world where she can create from sensory forms that are not reduced to technicalities or are governed by the encounter with 'the truth'. In her artistic act, she inquires and hangs around the socio-political world through the classical art form of painting and sculpting, and the ‘Abstract’ ancient form of expression. Chantal uses abstraction to expand the limits of constructed knowledge seeking to challenge our understanding of what art means in the Third Millennium.

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Latest News

Chantal co-writes the article "Making peace with Violence" with the Political Philosopher Brad Evans on the nY Dutch magazine for literature, criticism & entertainment. They publish 3 issues per year since 2006. The article can be read in its English version on the website. The Dutch printed version can be bought online.

Chantal Meza interviewed in the LA Review of Books. The interview will be printed in the book "Violence an Anthology" with PLUTO PRESS by Brad Evans & Adrian Parr 

Chantal creates an abstract bas-relief in marble 'Urizen's stone:2020' for the co-written article 'Art from the future' with the Political Philosopher Brad Evans Published in 'The Philosophical Salon' in its April Edition. 

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Showing Now

March/2021 Paraguay. Chantal Meza was selected with her piece 'Suspended Traversal' by 'Red GRIS' Paraguay for its 2nd Edition of 'Enajenar en casa ajena'. The Exhibition will be held in 'Spain Cultural Centre Juan de Salazar' (CCEJS)  Asunción, Paraguay. 

Feb/2021 San Francisco, USA. Selected to be part on the 3rd Edition of 'RASTRUMS' Art Project with her exercise video piece "Kairo paused in time". Curated by Sandra Dinnendahl and featuring five more Artists. Launched in March 2021 

Nov/2020 UK. Chantal Meza piece "The Void XII" is selected to be part of the 'PENNY THOUGHTS' 39 edition. 

In Progress

The State of Disappearance project in collaboration with the Histories of Violence Project. Featuring Chantal's artwork and some of the most critically minded thinkers to discuss the problem of human denial. 

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Through the representation of Maggio Art Consultancy, London, some of Chantal's artwork can be bought in the ARTSY plataform

Public engagement

Chantal Meza, Brad Evans & Henry Giroux delivering a Seminar at McMaster University, Canada. Discussing the meaning of art in our times