C H A N T A L  M E Z A

"I grew up surrounded by old stone artisans. That is why in my abstract paintings and sculptures there exists a crossover of techniques. Through the direct use of hands as a medium of human sensorial creation I let them become the bridge transmitting the inner most feelings to the external world. The visual memories of materials such as Marble and Onyx are seeded into my subconscious memories and have been the base and inspiration for the creation of my own natural abstract mindscapes, allowing me to connect the abstract with the tangibility of life.


My challenge and calling concerns how we visualise unseen emotions and how we express the abstract in thought. In my artistic act, I have inquired and hung around the socio-political world to expand the limits of constructed knowledge, seeking to challenge our understanding of what art means in the Third Millennium. In a world dominated by science and technology, I have immersed myself in the abstraction of life, that is how painting has become for me a mediation between the mystery and the unknown. In my creations a constant realisation remains, that in which what we are is never enough, perhaps too unreal that most of our intended actions are kept in the realm of the imagination, and maybe that dilemma is showing an abstract sensibility is all we could surely fleetingly possess". 


Nebraska, USA.

The new Article "Violence & Abstraction" published in Symploke by Brad Evans and Chantal Meza. You can purchase the book in the link.  




"Art is the poetry of nature. Art shows the human in a state of elevation, where its potential rises and spreads through its creations, something as amazing as nature itself".



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