Anti-corruption Project


Forced disappearance | Oil on wood | 40cm x 30cm x 28cm | 2017 | Public collection 

Chantal was invited to direct in her home State the National Project 'Anti-corruption Rat-Art' which was an initiative by the artist Jose Luis Malo 

           This demonstration was a response to publics tiredness towards the corrupted political class in Mexico. In a peaceful demonstration through the exposure of art, it sought to intervene but using the symbol of the rats to account for the number of corrupt politicians in the Country. 

       A number of handmade wood shape-rats were developed for intervention upon by the Mexican Artistic Community. The project was carried out with a large number of artists from the Mexican Republic.

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To know more about the Participant Artists, you can download here the List of the 36 Artists invited by Chantal from her home State; Puebla, Mexico