Chantal Meza | Forced disappearance 2017 | Oil on wood, 40 x 40 x 28cm

Public Collection, Mexico.

Chantal was invited to direct in her home State the National Project 'Anti-corruption Rat-Art' which was an initiative by the artist Jose Luis Malo 

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This demonstration was a response to publics tiredness towards the corrupted political class in Mexico. In a peaceful demonstration through the exposure of art, it sought to intervene but using the symbol of the rats to account for the number of corrupt politicians in the Country. 

A number of handmade wood shape-rats were developed for intervention upon by the Mexican Artistic Community. The project was carried out with a large number of artists from the Mexican Republic.


To know more about the Participant Artists, you can download the List of the 36 Artists invited by Chantal from her home State; Puebla, Mexico.