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All images copyright of artist. 

Wounded Fibres

A painted carpet confronting the question of human slavery for a published interview in the Los Angeles Review of Books titled "Slavery in America". 

The Art of Living Dangerously

The only certainty for art lies in the belief that it too occupies the realm of the uncertain. Art doesn't measure reality; and it certainly doesn't seek to represent or interrogate the present in order to affirm what was known all along. Art in the face of uncertainty celebrates what is uncertain, and yet in the process, it affirms the future can be different.

State of Disappearance

Having started work on this series in 2017, the State of Disappearance project features some 80 new and original works using multiple medias. The series is part of an international project that explores the relationship between violence, aesthetics and human disappearance. 

The Ruins of Language

"The Ruins of Language" tapestry exposes the violence felt from discourses and language that address directly the problem. The work consists of 11 books from the political philosopher Brad Evans to show how words can injure and demand closer attention to the wounds they create. 

Visceral Ecology

Series of experimental mix-media works that are inspired by the need to reimagine the ecological conditions for human existence.  

The Intimate Realities of a Revolutionary Life

Artwork commissioned for a forthcoming book "Samuel: On the Other Side of Revolution" by the author Diana Ramirez

Mirroring the Void

Commissioned artwork on permanent public display Complejo Cultural Universitario at Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Mexico

Vortex of the Mind

Invited commission for the fifth biennial of ARTE /SANO Artists 5.0 exhibition at the Museum of Popular Art in Mexico City, 2017.  


Artwork commissioned for a contemporary re-adaptation of the biblical story of Genesis as originally featured in Museo de Guadalupe, Zacatecas Mexico 2016.    

Tecali in Time

Artwork for book cover of “Tecali in Time” written by Franco Morales.

"The Senses" series

​The Senses series features artworks produced by Chantal Meza from 2016 - 2018

I Change

Artwork commissioned for Opa restaurant in Mexico City 2013. 

"The Passions" series

The Passions series features artworks produced by Chantal Meza between 2011-2016.


Series of paintings and sculptures produced and exhibited by Chantal Meza 2009. The works were a collaboration between the artist and local artisans.  

Poetry Collaborations

Works as part of series of poems on time, politics and human suffering. 

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