"State of Disappearance" Workshop UCC (Ireland)

Chantal Meza & Brad Evans

Workshop on the "State of Disappearance" held at UCC, Cork, Ireland in 2020.

Chantal Meza discussing about art and life experience

Ana Pardo interviews

Introducing BUAP University students to Chantal's work and discussing the need of art in the world

The Meaning of Art

Chantal Meza discussing her understanding of the meaning and purpose of art at workshop held in McMaster University, Ontario, January 2019. The event also featured Professors Henry A. Giroux and Brad Evans

State of Disapperance: Official Film

Official film featuring all the artwork of Chantal Meza (with accompanying narration) for the State of Disappearance project. Full details on this initiative can be found here: https://www.historiesofviolence.com/state-of-disappearance


Chantal Meza discusses growing up in artisan family and life in Tecali De Herrera, Mexico. 


Chantal Meza talks about natural influences over her work and her love for the local stone which has shaped her artistic approach. 


Chantal Meza discusses her abstract techniques and how it relates to question of what it means to be human and its forms of representation.


Chantal Meza discusses sculpture her relationship with stone and ongoing projects.


Chantal Meza explores the meaning of being Mexican, her local influences and how her social landscape shapes her work. 


This video is part of an interview with Puebla Dos22 in which Chantal Meza discusses her life and influences.

Feature Length Video

Extended video in which Chantal Meza talks at length about her life as a Mexican artist and the influences shaping her work.  

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