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I applaud you
You who toil in the madhouse of the world,
I see your shadows
Exposed to the viral flames

You, who were always invisible
Silently killed by unseen forces
I applaud you
I am not you
I applaud you all the same
It is you, on the margins,
Sustaining this broken time
Refugee, migrant. Your story
Always the same,

So, I applaud you, mothers and daughters
Sons of the earth, who feed us
Even as your suffering continues,
You're starvation but another day​​

I applaud you,

Now from my balcony of refuges

we all now seek refuge too

In this locked down asylum,

where distance is now our shield

But you now see us for what we are
Refugees without moving
Locked down, safe, depending on you

So, I applaud you, with a silent chorus
Carried across the pure infectious air,

Breathe don't breathe
And I know you don't ask
To be celebrated like others,
Simply to be recognized

not a hero in our midst

But you, the disposable, the forgotten,
the wretched of history
What you contribute, remains a mystery
Yet in that mystery, the basic truth of life

I applaud you

Brad Evans, 2020

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