The Intimate Realities of a Revolutionary life

 Oil on canvas | Revolutionary Life No's. I & II  | 45cm x 45cm | 40cm x 55cm      

Chantal Meza’s artworks The Intimate Realities of a Revolutionary Life (I & II) have been commissioned for a forthcoming book titled "Samuel: on the other side of revolution" by the Mexican author Diana Ramírez. The short story describes the life and troubles of a man who lives during the years of the Mexican Revolution, from 1910 onward. It provides a close look at the complexities faced by thousands of people who were at the pivotal moment in the nations history tied to a system of oppression and subjugated to daily abuses of power. Diana tells about the formative nature of a culture, which has endured and can still be observed in several regions of Mexico today. Walking in proximity to the voices that lived through those revolutionary times, the paintings connect to the idea of the need for a more human look at those life stories, which often overshadowed by such a historical event, truly illustrate what was a Mexican Revolution.

All images copyright of the Artist