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by Brad Evans

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10 Artworks as part of 'The Void' Series 


A selected Artwork from the 'Obscure Beasts' Series

Through a critical exploration of violence and the sacred, Ecce Humanitas recasts the fall of liberal humanism. Brad Evans offers a rich analysis of the  changing nature of sacrificial violence, from its theological origins to the exhaustion of the victim in the contemporary world.

El Federalista V.jpg

He critiques the aestheticization that turns victims into sacred objects, sacrificial figures that demand response, perpetuating a cycle of violence that is seen as natural and inevitable.

El Federalista IV.jpg

A new aesthetics provides a form of transgressive witnessing that challenges the ubiquity of violence and allows us to go beyond humanism to imagine a truly liberated humanity.

In novel readings of classic and contemporary works, Evans traces the sacralization of violence as well as art’s potential to incite resistance. Countering the continued annihilation of life, Ecce Humanitas calls for liberating the political imagination from the scene of sacrifice.

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